Concrete Work by Oglesby

We complete general concrete base pavement and resurfacing, including all normal operations of highway construction except bituminous paving and bridges.

Surface masonry work includes:

  • curbs
  • walkways
  • paved side ditches
  • driveways and crossovers
  • concrete rip rap
  • medians
  • barrier walls
  • bridge parapets
  • steps and handicap ramps

We also complete all types of concrete paving repairs and pavement sealing.

Pavement Marking Services

Oglesby Construction Inc. completes all forms of Pavement Markings, Reflective Pagement Markers and Pavement Marking Removal, including:

  • epoxy
  • thermoplastic
  • paint
  • polyester
  • cold plastic
  • tape
  • hot tape
  • polyurea