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Oglesby Construction Inc. is a full service Pavement Marking and Concrete Construction company headquartered in Norwalk, Ohio. 

We have been in this business for 40 years and serve areas reaching from New York State to South Carolina. On our Services page you’ll find samples of some of our projects. We are fully committed to safety in all of our operations. Visit our Safety page for more information on our safety policies. Oglesby Construction Inc. is well-equipped to complete your Concrete Work and Pavement Marking projects!

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Our Concrete Work covers all normal operations of highway construction except bituminouse paving and bridges, including:

  • curbs, medians
  • paved side ditches
  • bridge parapets
  • walkways and driveways
  • crossovers
  • steps and handicap ramps


Our Pavement Marking services include all types of pavement markings as well as:

  • reflective pavement markers and pavement marking removal, and
  • pavement repairs and sealing

We use epoxy, thermoplastic, paint, polyester, cold plastic, hot tape and polyurea.

Oglesby Striping Truck